My parents and I moved to Santa Fe in 1974 and started Tia Sophia's on the 5th of May the next year; I was four years old at the time.  Back then Tia's was at 125 West San Francisco street, and it was much more of a diner, including about a dozen counter seats, a spaghetti lunch special, a protein plate, and my grandmother's no-bake cheese cake.  The Grey Hound bus terminal was on Water Street.  The Lensic Theater had a line around the block to see Star Wars.  Sears was downtown, as was Woolworth's, the El Paseo movie theater, Safeway, the local health food store, and Senior Murphy's.


Out of all of those, only Tia Sophia's remains (well ... us and Senior Murphy's). We are here to serve you and your family the best in home-made New Mexican food for breakfast and lunch, to bring a little bit of that old plaza gusto to you here and now.


Little bits about Tia Sophia's:

- My father and mother were kicking names around when my father's cousin suggested they name it after my - father's mother, Sophia.  They names it 'Tia' - aunt - Sophia's to honor his idea.

- Our waitress Martha Rotuno famously coined the phares 'Christmas' to mean both red and green chile back in the eightes.

- Santa Feans have been eating eggs and bacon in a flour tortilla for breakfast forever.  My father (humbly) claims that he was the firs to call it a 'breakfast burrito' and put it on a menu in the seventies.

- Yes, Tia Sophia's used to serve spaghetti as our Wednesday lunch special.  There was also the protein plate, which was tuna salad in a tomato and cottage cheese.  I've thought about bringing this one back, what with the Atkins craze and all!

- We moved to 210 West San Francisco Street in 1982.

- I bought the restuarant on January 1, 2005.